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Published by in Software · 10 March 2022
Inserted in an increasingly competitive market, professionals and companies in the furniture sector need to seek constant innovation and ways to stand out from competitors. In this context, investing in excellent 3D software, which allows presenting the project to customers in a differentiated way, is more than necessary.
Currently, technologies capable, for example, of generating detailed plans and realistic images are already available. In addition, some software facilitates calculations and even issue complete budgets, which results in more productivity for teams and, consequently, greater profitability. In this text, you will better understand the importance of investing in 3D software and also learn about the solutions that Promob offers. Keep reading and check it out!

Every technical drawing is characterized by the details and simplification of some processes, such as measurements and layouts. However, when using a tool that only delivers in two dimensions (2D), the client cannot have a real and tactile sketch of the project. This hinders not only the visualization, but also the acceptance of what was proposed. 3D allows the sketch to be developed based on the volumetric technique, that is, the presentation of the final product takes place with the format, colour and texture that it will have when it leaves the paper.
For interior designers, the feature also helps to broaden the perception of rooms through decorative elements. Therefore, 3D models are gaining more and more prominence in the market. With graphically rich and realistic materials, customers are always amazed. Using this feature is a way to approach and improve relationships between all stages.
This alignment with the real world through the tools offered by cutting-edge software, such as Promob, does not negate the need for floor plans. On the contrary, it helps to develop and deliver completer and more structured 2D modelling.
In addition, as every project is created digitally, the user can save in several aspects. A plant failure is quickly corrected in the software, which eliminates the risk of identifying problems only during the execution of the work. With such in-depth detailing, expenses with materials, rework and paper are reduced, avoiding problems that could be easily solved.

Presenting projects in 3D is an increasingly accessible and mandatory practice for anyone working in the furniture sector. But it is necessary to bet on the right software and that offer resources capable of meeting the needs of your enterprise. Check out more below!

The ideal project is rich in details that capture the customer 's attention, creating a positive outlook and making it easier to close the deal. Some examples are: application of baseboards, use of certain furniture or accessories, application of plaster, rich decoration, setting in the design, etc. These are details that differentiate the plant and contribute to the presentation.

Applying lighting to a project requires attention to many details. With Promob, it is possible to analyse the entire scene and verify how the distribution of lights can influence the environment. After all, if glass, mirrors, fabrics and reflective surfaces are included in the place, it is necessary to perform a different light calculation than in a scene where there are only matte and opaque surfaces
Promob has a large library of textures, for application in any project, and also allows the inclusion of other arts. A good particular base adds even more to the plans and helps in the differentiated finish, which helps to increase the quality of the drawing and bring it closer to reality.

The tools that Promob has at its disposal are very important to obtain a better result in the projects. The geometry feature, for example, allows you to create from furniture to details and objects in the scene, leaving the professional freer to design and independent of the available library.

Promob is a software with an emphasis on 3D virtual ambiance, with the objective of helping the work of interior designers. It manages to unite on the platform not only the ultra-realistic graphic designs, but also tools that help the management and control of sales.
One of the main features of the software is the simplicity to develop a plant. With an intuitive interface, the user can produce a room, with all the built-ins, measurements, plans and complete budget of the environment in 20 minutes. All thanks to the library present in the system, which makes it possible to quickly set the price of each part, component and board, together or separately.
Because of its high-quality rendering, the user can show his client what every detail of the project will look like. In addition, there is support for presentations in virtual reality, which brings the contractor even closer to his future space. You can also distribute light around the room to highlight pieces or highlight design details.
To complement the drawing, the designer can add other elements through an image editor and add effects to further improve the view of the plan. The system allows new modules to be created or those present in the platform's library to be edited, being able to modify textures, finishes and quality, according to the contractor's needs.
An amazing floor plan needs to represent what the buyer most wants and planned for at the time they hired the service. But this becomes difficult with obsolete technologies or technologies that do not offer up-to-date tools, capable of helping to immerse the plan and contribute to the entire creation stage.
To improve the customer experience and develop a really charming project, invest in software that not only does the technical design, but also delivers all the necessary information to the consumer. Promob is the most complete and effective when it comes to developing 3D environments.
Did you like it and want to know more about Promob? Download the loan version of the software and start using it right now in your projects.

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