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Having a technology solution at work is essential to improve your productivity and the quality of your services / products, which can generate more revenue and greater profitability. However, you must know how to choose your professional tool well, with high-performance, recognized software. Therefore, we will present the main Promob Solutions that correspond to these requirements, besides being highly customizable its activities.

Depending on your area of ​​activity in the furniture industry, you can find a  system for joinery , a complete management solution or a tool with special features for architects and designers. Regardless of the size of your business, there are simple systems to more complete and integrated solutions that can serve you efficiently.

Do you want to know what they are? Keep reading and find out!

Promob Start

Promob Start , a solution that allows you to save more by controlling the production planning of planned and modulated environments. This management software has a focus on design, sales and manufacturing focused on joinery.

Promob Start helps design, budget, and generate data for cutting, machining, drilling, and feeds. It also integrates the management of the customer portfolio and prices with the production area. Therefore, it is ideal for those who need to generate standards to increase production capacity and reduce costs. It also allows to design the modulation and the constructive model, assuring agility and quality in the manufacture of parts.

This solution is suitable for woodworkers, especially those who are starting to expand the production and distribution of their furniture. "When you start working with stores, information from product libraries, patterns, finishes and prices are made available from the joinery to the stores through Promob Start," says Marcos.

Promob counts on a  software of projects for carpentry to  measure: the  Promob Plus . This tool is used in the creation, presentation and commercialization of projects , making the processes easier to carry out , since the system is intuitive.

This tool demonstrates to customers how the future environment will be, in addition to contributing to the increase of productivity and sales volume. It is fully 3D, can generate video presentations and even has decorative libraries with thousands of objects. There are more than 6000 materials among textures of woods, stones, glass etc. ready for use.

It also has a 3D object builder that allows the development of parts of the environment, finishes (plaster, metals, wood, etc.) and modules.

Promob Cut

The  Promob Cut  consists of a plugin that functions as an additional application for cutting plane.

This plugin optimizes the utilization of the sheet, generating more economy for the joinery. It also streamlines the conference and allows you to make adjustments, such as measurements and quantity of parts.

Promob Cut Pro

The  Promob Cut Pro  is a system that automatically produces the cutting plane for the manufacture of furniture and other objects. It optimizes the use of plates generating the plan of multiple projects simultaneously, which collaborates in saving time and raw material. It also has useful features such as moving parts in the cut plane, hierarchical view of objects, and label composition.

Unlike Promob Cut, which is just a plugin, Promob Cut Pro is standalone software. It can also be integrated with various project solutions.

Promob Catalog

The  Promob Catalog  is a modulation development system, providing more autonomy, customization and technology for your business projects. With it, you gain greater speed to make products available for sale.

In fact, the factory itself has how to publish the updated system for the stores. The use of the Promob Catalog by the factory, reduces steps in the customization process, significantly reducing the total time of this process and ensuring greater quality of information.

Promob Builder

This solution is focused on product design and registration (engineering). With it, you will be able to create projects respecting rules and productive norms of the manufacturing process, besides delivering complete information to the production area.

It also makes it possible to budget, market and produce special furniture quickly and efficiently. The  Promob Builder performs and the integration between store and factory, reducing the delivery time of customized projects and raising the assembly quality in special projects.

Promob Editor

the  Promob Editor  is a manufacturing plugin for carpenters, which gives greater autonomy in production planning. It is an operations editing tool that works in conjunction with Promob Cut Pro and also with Promob Plus.

With the use of it, the professional gains autonomy in the cadastre of data and information of production. Among them, holes, tears and edges, executing the drawings and control reports with ample fidelity to the developed project.

Promob software for interior designers

The  solutions for interior designers and architects  are intuitive and full of features that make the work of these professionals easier. Through them, you can design complete environments with details, furniture, decorations, among other items.

It is possible to do landscaping and even apply coatings to the projects, all in 3D, which produces more realistic images. In addition, there are object libraries with thousands of images. There is also a feature that allows you to produce video presentations.

There are thousands of coating materials, decoration items, 3D models, among other features. There are also editable and suggested modules as well as materials geared towards finishes.

The  Promob Arch  is the design software for architects and interior designers that allows all this, is highly configurable and has a number of useful features that streamline the creation of different environments.

Promob Real Scene

The  Promob Real Scene  works as an additional plugin that improves the quality of project rendering, generating more realistic and pleasing images for the final consumer. With it, it is possible to visualize renders from all angles, that is, 360 °.

You can also render on different levels of quality. This plugin can be integrated not only with Promob Arch but also with Promob Plus, Promob Start or Promob Studio.

Promob Revest

The  Promob Coated  is focused on plug insertion coatings in a simple, automated manner projects. It delivers features that are easy for the designer or architect to customize parts.

In it, you can edit objects with different sizes and formats, making the pagination completely personalized and giving much more freedom for the development of environments. In addition to Promob Arch, it can also be included in Promob Plus.

Promob software for students

There are also Promob Solutions for the academic area (Promob Academic). They are geared towards  higher education students and  vocational education students , or free courses . These systems have special conditions and prices, collaborating for the development of future design professionals.

Advantages and functionalities of Promob Solutions


Improvement in the relationship between the areas

"Software allows the understanding of a project to be explicit in the form of images, parts lists or budgets. This eliminates or at least significantly reduces the noises in communication between areas and streamlines processes and minimizes rework, "explains Marcos.

In addition, the management of the company can get a broad and detailed view of the entire operation. This enables it to clearly identify the composition of its costs and can optimize them.

Better adaptation to the needs of the business

Many factory, project and management processes can be optimized through Promob Solutions. For example, students of architecture and interior design can optimize the development of academic projects as well as their first amateur plans. In addition, architects and interior designers who already work in the area also benefit.

"Basically, liberal professionals have time as a major constraint on their ability to produce and, consequently, earn income. The solutions for this audience are aimed at making projects with high quality in the shortest possible time, and presenting them using realistic (rendered) photo images, "says Marcos.

Joinery workers are also able to obtain solutions that provide greater support for their activities, besides delivering a series of functionalities and advantages, such as:

visual presentation of the project;
cost estimation;
flat plate cutting plane;
customer portfolio management;
integration with machines.
Companies that operate in the industry producing and marketing semi-serial or planned furniture obtains faster information exchange with resale points. This is because libraries with products, rules, and prices are updated for all active licenses distributed throughout the store network.

Organizations that operate with serial furniture benefit from the facilities of Promob Solutions. For example, they are able to ease the sales process by helping to drive the end consumer of a self-made project to the shopping cart on the e-commerce sites .

Greater integration

The possibilities for integration are increasing as the solutions chosen are more robust. This is the case with carpenters who start working with stores.

In the case of the furniture industry, the adoption of Promob Manager allows the consolidation of all the information in a store network, so order data can be sent directly from the stores to the factory ERP. As seen in the beginning the Promob ERP itself is able to integrate processes from multiple sectors of the factories.

There is also integration of stages of the production chain, especially in organizations that operate with serial furniture.

"Product libraries are updated in Web application. After assembly of a project, through some of our solutions, it is even possible to automatically budget with various e-commerce sites. The order is generated directly in the e-commerce shopping cart ", comments the executive.

Reduction of costs

Promob Solutions helps reduce business costs. For example, small and medium-sized lumber dealers often have trouble calculating their costs correctly. As a result, they have difficulty setting prices in an appropriate and competitive way. This can be solved by employing the right tools.

"To the extent that the software allows for accurate forecasting and control of raw material needs, the processes required and when they are to be executed, the company now has subsidies for an adequate management of its resources," notes Mark. "Whether they are capital, personnel or installed capacity."

In this way, the company buys only what is needed and when it is needed. It can also reduce or eliminate rework and inventory, and maximize the utilization of your equipment and equipment. All this generates cost savings and optimization.

Higher quality of services provided to final customer

With specific Promob Solutions, interior architects / designers can present to the final consumer images that are very close to reality, enchanting the client and giving him a correct understanding of the ideas proposed in the project. Soon, he will be more satisfied when the materialization of the project shows itself faithful to what has been shown.

Lately, the number of cabinetmakers capable of delivering quality products and competitive prices has grown in relation to the planned furniture industries. Therefore, the final consumer has a lot more options for acquiring furniture.

Much of this is due to the use of technological tools that optimize and streamline woodworking processes, increasing their competitiveness.

Industries that work with semi-serial furniture can quickly update furniture models, finishing standards and styles, delivering a wide range of possibilities to the customer.

"Due to this high number of possibilities, it is rarely possible to have products in the various models and finishes in the store," says Marcos. "The software allows us to simulate the environments and clarify doubts of the final consumer about combinations of colors, finishes and sizes, for example," explains Marcos.

Customers in the mobile furniture industries also benefit from Promob Solutions. "The consumer has autonomy for the elaboration of projects, without the necessity of the presence of a professional", comments the executive. "It has access to a variety of manufacturers and product options and can make quotes and buy online without intermediaries."

Planned furniture factories are also winning. Once the project is defined, the production and delivery of a planned furniture is very fast. Once the order has been sent to the factory, with production capacity, in less than a week the product may have already been produced.

Thanks to the advances and potential of the software used, the production ends up being very fast, so that the logistics of delivery and assembly ends up taking more time than the manufacturing itself.

As seen in this guide on Promob Solutions, there are different systems for different management, production and furniture design needs. However, with the right programs, it is possible to increase the productivity and quality of the projects delivered.

However, to correctly choose the ideal solution, Marcos advises that it is important to evaluate the type of product produced, the size of your business and the sales channels. Also, you need to observe your store pattern. Based on these indicators it will be possible to propose some solutions more adaptable to their processes.

In addition, for a correct definition of the ideal solutions for each segment, it is essential to understand: the moment the company is living; their difficulties; their physical and organizational structure; the profile of its customers; their investment capacity; and their strategies for the future, "says Marcos. "Only the combined view of these aspects will allow us to identify the most appropriate solutions," he concludes.

Do you have any questions or want to know more about the features and benefits of Promob Solutions? Contact  our team so we can help you!

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