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Learn how to optimize the sales cycle of your joinery!

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Learn how to optimize the sales cycle of your joinery!

Have you ever stopped to analyze the behavior of your customers ? How long do they take to close the deal ? What are your requirements and preferences when buying your products ? If you have answers to these questions then you have a good command of your sales cycle .

That's it! Any company has a sales cycle and its carpentry is no different. What often happens is that the manager does not know his cycle, does not have his domain and has little possibility of mapping the problems that can occur during the sale of a product . With this, he may lose many deals in the future.

What is a sales cycle?

The sales cycle is represented by the time it takes you to turn a lead into a customer. That is, from the moment someone is interested in your product until the closing of the business and the delivery of the merchandise. And, in this period, several processes occur for you to effect the sale .

The duration of a sales cycle varies according to the size of your business , the profile of your customer and the product involved in the negotiation. Selling a chair naturally takes less time than negotiating a complete set of dining tables , for example.

Similarly, relating to a client, a physical person is often a simpler and faster process than closing a contract with a construction company to make the furniture of a decorated apartment.

How can I optimize the sales cycle of the joinery?

The big secret to your business success is to make this cycle as short as possible. If you have a smaller negotiation phase, you will have more efficiency in your business and can focus your efforts on getting more customers to your joinery.

Spending too much time with just one customer means real loss of sales possibilities , so you need to find ways to streamline your flow.

Here are some tips on how to optimize the sales cycle of your joinery:

Map your current sales cycle

The first step to be taken so that you can optimize your sales cycle is to know you very well. The cycle is composed of different steps in a process known as sales funnel . Here's how it's divided:

  • Step 1 - Attention: it is at this moment that the customer shows interest in some joinery service. At this stage, the client usually searches for services on the internet and eventually can get to you. That is, you need to develop tools to attract the looks of this client to your work at this time;
  • Step 2 - Interest: here, the customer arrived at his carpentry, identified the quality of his work and believes that his products can solve the demand. This is a crucial time of negotiation, since you need to sell your product and the services provided by your joinery. The image of quality and agility counts a lot at this stage;
  • Step 3 - Desire: Now that you have convinced the customer of the quality of your services , it is time to make the proposal effective. At this stage, values, deadlines and delivery methods of the desired product are discussed. Flexibility and bargaining power are very important at this stage and can be decisive for the consolidation of the sale;
  • Step 4 - Action: With everything defined, it is time to close the sale and perform the service. Any slip at this point can mean loss of future business with this customer. So this is the time to keep the promises and deliver to the customer what led you to your joinery.

To reduce your sales cycle , it is crucial that you have good control over all these steps, seeking to optimize them through agile and quality processes. Remember: the less time it takes to negotiate, the more freedom you will have to seek new customers for the joinery.

Negotiate with those who have the power of decision

An effective way to cut down on the sales cycle is to negotiate directly with those who have greater decision-making power. This is a very important tip, especially if you have the habit of relating to clients, legal entity, although it is also relevant for sales to natural persons.

When negotiating the provision of services to a company, if the employee in front of the process needs many authorizations to be able to evolve in the business, you waste time with the corporate bureaucracy. This delays the business and may even prevent it from being closed.

In the case of individual clients, try to identify whether the person is buying the material for themselves or a third party. If this is the case, try to negotiate directly with the final buyer so you can make quicker business decisions.

Seek agility in processes

Their processes are also part of the negotiation. You need to have a management system that is able to offer quick financial solutions to the customer you are buying.

In addition, the manufacture of their products should be agile, as customers do not wish to wait too long to receive the goods.

Current customers are looking for agility, personalization and good service. Try adopting management software for your joinery and see how it can help not only optimize your processes but also the positive image passed on to the market.

Get quick answers

In the negotiation stage, the customer may have some doubts about his services and about the products of his joinery. At this point, you need to ensure fast responses that convey confidence.

One tip is to map out key customer questions to put together a stream of questions and answers. It can be published on your website so that the customer can clarify their doubts beforehand, generating more confidence in their joinery.

As you have seen, a shorter and more efficient sales cycle is essential for your carpentry to generate good financial results . Therefore, you should start working it right away. If you liked this post, subscribe to our newsletter and receive more content directly in your email box.

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