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Top 5 Sales Tips for Woodworkers

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For a joinery to succeed, it is not enough to have the best products. Furniture will not sell itself, and even if it is not a born salesman, the carpenter will have to take on this role at some point. When that time comes, it is advisable to master some sales tips.

Contrary to what many believe, a good product is not enough to sell. It takes technique to deal with people, to understand their demands, and to offer just what they need.

In this post, we've listed 5 sales tips for carpenters. Check it!

1. Listen to the customer and understand their desires
A skilled salesman is one who listens more than speaks. Instead of trying to push something to a client and try to convince him, ask the right questions to find out exactly what he wants.

In this dialogue, listen carefully to your demands and make comments only to expose possibilities or tailor an order to something you can deliver. Imagine that you and the client are building this product together: good negotiation is not a dispute but a collaborative activity.

2. Always be very polite
No one likes to be dishonest, so do not make your potential customers go through that experience. Nothing justifies a lack of education, not even if he adopts this hostile behavior before.

Being polite in customer service is an attitude that literally costs nothing but can increase the sales of the joinery. Treat all your clients with education and respect and they will feel much more comfortable buying in your company.

In addition, a courteous professional will always be recognized and will have greater loyalty and indications of their satisfied customers.

3. Learn to be objective in describing your work
Do not be wordy when you are presenting your work to clients. Train to be as objective as possible when describing what you do and what your products are.

Long speeches make it difficult to absorb content and it may be that the customer misses the most important information you want to convey. Also, too much talk hurts the sale: remember the first tip, which talks about the importance of listening to customers.

4. Have a very descriptive portfolio
One of the best ways to present your work to clients is in practice. Try to make the reception of the joinery a portfolio of your products. Leave some of your best furniture exposed and in use so people know exactly what to expect from their work.

In addition, have photos of those works already delivered that you considered copies and always show them to customers. A picture is worth a thousand words, so make use of them.

5. Work well after sales
The seller's job does not end after the first sale. Invest in customer relationships and offer exemplary post-sales.

Supporting the consumer after the sale, besides being a carpenter's duty, is a way to keep him or her loyal. It is much easier and cheaper to keep an old customer than to win a new one. And of course, in addition, with good after sales the satisfied customers will indicate the joinery to friends and family.

And to take advantage of these sales tips even more, what about taking the plunge to discover the competitive edge of your joinery and know how to stand out in the market?

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