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This course is going to cover the budget and quotation section within Promob Plus Professional SA.
The budget needs to be connected to the Internet as the budget is all controlled from the cloud.
What we're going to be covering is budget reports and price registering your margin's payment conditions and more.
There are several options that need to be looked at where we can show for instance your listings under mount or blown we also set your currency.

In this section we'll also be showing you how to put your logo in and how your client information if put in correctly will automatically pull through into your quotations/budget.
All Promob's costings are run per square meter.
So everything will be worked out per square meter for your costing and then you'll be able to apply your mark-ups on top of that.
Pricing is done per square meter by the module and then also if there is any accessories they can be costed as well.
Of course we'll also show you how to input your costings and how to set up mark-ups to get your final cost.
Within side Promob Professional you can also add extra items so you could do things like screws maybe you want to add labor or maybe just silicone all these things can be added with a costs price and selling price directly in to your budget.
Under the customer section you'll be able to put notes that will appear at the bottom of your quotation in observations so if there's something you need to explain to the client you can add data and put it into the bottom of your quotation for your client to see.
The things that will be covering your printing how to print it out you can send the document you can set up your payment terms your markups.
Items without a price are highlight.
Inside the Mark-ups there's several items not only for your kitchen units but also for any additional items for instance if using Bloom or Grass you can set up your markups on those particular products if you're using things like handles or things like that you can set those up, same as things like glass and if you're gonna be adding furniture or anything like that you can even add that in there's a subsection where you can actually add 1 mark-ups for your kitchens then you can have another one for bedrooms, another one for bathrooms, lounge area or office depending on how you set up your mark-ups.
In the budget the payment terms you can even set up the client's options in other words you could set it up for a three payment system where there would be a deposit then secound payment may be halfway through and then a final payment before delivery this can be all achieved and printed directly onto the budget.

This course is one and a half hours for R450.00

Please click on the other courses as pricing will change on how long each of them are.
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