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Plus Professional SA


More than 21,000  Modues, Decorations, materials among textures of woods, metals, stones, glass, carpets, among others.
It does not need CAD software, it's totally Windows. It has a powerful 3D object builder where you can create parts of the environment,
modules and finishes.
A complete library of decorative items.


The Promob Arch has the following standard libraries, that is, libraries with generic modules with all dimensions open for width,
height and depth adjustments. Partner libraries, in addition to the standard libraries, also get several partner libraries, that is,
specific libraries from a number of vendors and vendors to complement your projects.

Build walls, insert modules, make parts of the environment. All this directly in the 3D environment. In it, you see where it is working and
can switch to floor plan or front views only if you wish. Inserting modules - To insert any object, simply drag to the environment.
That way you do not have to have great knowledge to use Promob, since it visualizes every module inserted in the 3D environment.


With lots of interactivity and totally visual, Promob offers you easy features to edit module dimensions, position handles, open doors,
distribute items, calculate distances, etc. Intelligent interface - The entire screen changes as it is selected, so Promob shows on the
screen only the features and properties that you can use for that selected item. In addition to simplifying access to resources, you still
do everything on the main screen of the program. Organized - Organize the visualization of your project through the layers. With this feature,
you can perform filters by hiding items or groups of project items. For example, you can view only the lower modules or hide the decoration
items from the project.
The method of organization of the Promob stores all the projects, Budgets, impressions, and images from the same client within a single file.
This simplifies access because you search the file by customer name and have all the history of projects pictures and budgets made for it.


With an already established concept, the Aggregates feature allows the user to configure the internal parts of the modules
simply and efficiently. Just go selecting the items in a predefined list for the system to insert the shelves, partitions,
drawers, etc. Inside the module.


In addition to the 3D environment layout, Promob counts with an accurate dimensioning system that guarantees the user
all the necessary flexibility to insert dimension dimensions. Generate custom print layouts and transform your printed presentation!


Please note this software is NOT TRANSFERABLE or RESELLABLE under any circumstances.
All Promob software has a mandatory yearly subscription that must be paid for you to keep the software. 30 days after the due date the software WILL BE LOST.


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