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Characteristics Plus


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All in 3D
Build walls, insert modules, make parts of the environment.
All this directly in the 3D environment. In it, you see where
it is working and can switch to floor plan or front views
only if you wish.

Inserting modules
To insert any object, simply drag to the environment. That way you do
not need to have great knowledge to use Promob, as you visualize
each module inserted in the 3D environment.

With lots of interactivity and totally visual, Promob offers you easy
features to edit module dimensions, position handles, open doors,
distribute items, calculate distances, etc.

Smart Interface
The entire screen changes depending on what is selected,
so Promob shows on the screen only the features and properties
that you can use for that selected item. In addition to simplifying
access to resources, you always do everything on the main screen
of the program.

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