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In this course we're going to cover how you configurate Promob this you can do in multiple areas and multiple stages in this course we're going to cover how you configurate Promob this you can do in multiple areas and multiple stages
This is probably one of the most important areas with inside Promob to set everything up correctly for how your caucuses are put together.
In this area you can build your own library your own carcasses or your own items everything from kitchen's bedrooms bathrooms officers and living rooms
We will run through external dimensions
General configurations
Covering side panels shows back panels
Door edging
We'll show you how you can duplicate so once you've created all this you can create separate catalogues for yet clogs for instance for different
side types of draw runners from different suppliers
From this course you'll learn how to set up your carcasses for your construction so that when it comes through to doing cutting lists and you're bored optimizing you getting the best out of your boards and your caucuses will fit 100%

In this area you can even set up your cleats what thickness a way they're going to be positioned
We even have blind corners where you can actually set them up as the way that you would build them down to every little section so from your false fronts to front for closing your spaces your cleat supports and even your door
We will be covering gaps between your door and France your spaces right across the Cupboard range so from your standard cupboards to bedroom cupboard's, pantries Built-in

There's also a section we'll be covering for your drawers and draw gaps this is where you'll be setting up your spaces for your runners so the gap for your runners so are the Blum, Grass or Tish or whichever runners you'll be using you'll set them up to the factory specifications including all your gaps around your drawers so once you insert the draws, you'll be able to then have the right cutting profile for those particular most types of runners inside Promob.


We'll move on into bedroom units.
Again, covering things like kickplates back panels the bottoms for drawers and your structural panels.
We'll run through how you can export the configurations so you can back it up and again how to import it back into the program to use wherever you need to.

This course is one and a half hours for R350.00

Please click on the other courses as pricing will change on how long each of them are.
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