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This course will cover how to use and print your 3-D project and make working drawings.

How to create your own template for your drawings and bring in your own information such as your logo client information dates, telephone numbers into your production.

Page set up an orientation we'll go through the toolbars to show you the different options.

On this course we'll also explain how you bring in your 3-D project into the print area.
Explaining different shapes and how you can create them depending on what you need inside the print area.
Showing you how you can edit text and add text into your design.

Covering things like the dynamic view perspective use of viewpoints shade models.
Editing viewpoints is another area that will show you how to make it easier when you're working on your drawings for measurements.
In this course we will be running through some examples we'll show you how to build certain cabinets and then how are we going to do the measurements.
Explaining the different types of dimensions your linear your angle and even radious dimensions.
We will run through the material listing for your design for that particular project that particular project will have a key down the side.
There will also be an item list that we will show you how to use where you can actually number certain items within your drawing that will match
that key along side.
To make the drawing look more dramatic we'll even show you how to import an image that you've rendered so you can have that added into your drawing to show a finished look as well as the drawing dimensions.

One of the main areas is making sure that your measurements are accurate there are several ways inside promob to do this you can do it automatically but sometimes automatically puts too many measurements in and it can look a little bit overwhelming for your customer or even for your fitter so we'll show you different ways for your measurements and how accurate you can be  reasonably fast doing it.

On the automatic dimensions where promob will set up different views to achieve automatically dimension we'll show you how that works and for smaller projects it will be a lot faster but when you have multiple options and lots of units it can be a little bit overwhelming with the amount of information that is placed in the drawing.

There is a layer functions as well so you can turn off walls and floors you can even position it so that you don't see the island you'd just see the back wall there is other items that you can turn off for instance if you've already decorated your design and you have items such as bottles maybe you've put in pots and pans things like that you can also be turned off in the layers section and just use the working drawing on the cabinetry.

This course is two hours for R550.00

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