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Duplicate Items


This course is going to show you how to do duplications positioning and add decoration items.
On the decoration side we're going to show you for instance how to take a table take a and place it into the environment and then we'll show you how to change your width and your height of the table.

We'll also show you what we call the polar array or the ray system this is where you can achieve take one item intelligent need multiples with spaces in between or if you're going around a table around table you can even set it up that they'll do the rounded areas for you as well.

This course will also show you how you could do multiple layers.
Building your own steps not a staircase but steps going up and you could also have those curved.

There is a section showing you the automatic insert section where you could insert tops, kick plates and hinges.

Your worktops, joins with joins on you won't let you see any joins on your worktop except when they cross with joins with it off it will put a joint between each cabinet.
How to insert for instance a sink into your worktop
And with the insert repositioning tool inside Promob as well.
In this section will show you how to install a refrigerator a tap and we could even go into showing you how to install a hood and even change some profiles in your drawing.
The next section is going to be part of the construction where we're going to import room layouts.
Inside promob you can import DXF files from an architect or an image such as a JPEG Tiff or even a PNG.

In this course you will receive 2 files of floor plans one is a DXF and 1 as a JPEB to show you how you can import that plan and draw your walls from those two files.
The next part will be shortcuts where you can set up your own shortcuts for certain objects or options with inside the program.
And we'll also show how the layers work so we'll break it down so you'll be able to see how the layers are made up.
Under the layers menu you'll be able to turn off certain elements by turning off the light bulb it'll let you remove them from your scene, so for instance if you didn't want to see maybe a door or the wall possibly the floor you can turn those off individually.


The course in 2 hours long for R 500.00

Please click on the other courses as pricing will change on how long each of them are.

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