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This course will go into the finishing inside Promob.
We'll also go into the cabinet builder for a bedroom and sliding doors.
The 1st section will go into materials applying a finish to a wall.

You can scale an item that's on a wall as well so if you're putting bricks in you can scale it to certain sizes
There's a function within side Promob where you'll be able to mirror items and you'll be able to mirror them X and Y directions.
There's a feature where you'll be able to rotate items as well.

We'll show you how you can apply a texture inside a frame.
We will show you how to change tones or colours for instance on a wall to give you a different effect.
The next section we will show you the automatic insertion of items in this section we'll be using a wardrobe
Using the automatic insertion to add a kick plate as well as a back panel and some hinges.

Going bit more depth on inserts inside a particular cupboard after you've placed it in your 3-D environment.
The next section will cover the closet builder where we're going to build a wardrobe or cupboard for a bedroom from scratch.

Plus explain and show you a cupboard with a front retreat and one without a front retreat.
Show you how to put shelves and horizontal divides inside a cupboard that you building.
Vertical and horizontal installation inside the cupboard.
Adding internal drawers, that is covered as well.
The final section in this course will also show you and explain how you can set up sliding doors for your wardrobes.
Sliding doors internal
Sliding doors external
As well as built-in


We'll show you the different configurations on how the doors will fit.
Explain how the tracks work inside the custom-built wardrobe sliding doors.
You can also edit your crossbars.
This course is 2 hours at a cost of R500.00

Please click on the other courses as pricing will change on how long each of them are.

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