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Grids Rules


In this course we going to cover in the 1st part which is regions such as floor and walls.
We'll show you how you can edit regions from with inside Promob.

We'll show you not only how you can edit a region but how you can create one.
Once made a region or edited one you can add or apply materials to that particular region.
One advantage of regions especially on the floors is if you move in 1 room to another and you would like a different texture or finish on each of the floors.
The next section is how to add strips for instance tiling strips in a bathroom.

There's a unique feature just to be able to edit strips with inside your 3-D environment.
Different areas of applying material regions profiles horizontal profiles vertical profiles faces and in fact all for instance all the walls you can change to one colour.
The rules of how you could lay out a backsplash and then we're going to show you a grid system as well.
The rules are very easy to do you can actually manipulate them and change them and save those changes.
The rules are going to highlight on the walls for your certain heights that you've pre-set so for instance you're doing a kitchen your kickplate is going to be at 150 your next unit will be at 870 and possibly the bottom of your wall units will be at 1470 you can prey set all these sizes or change them rename them and save them.

This makes life very easy when adding your cabinet in the scene and it'll snap to those heights and sizes.
This course is one and half hours for R300.00

Please click on the other courses as pricing will change on how long each of them are.

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