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Main Course


This course is the 1st one you should actually take this is the 1 that will get you started it'll show you how you can get online help and information and then we'll break information down for you.
The 1st section is going to cover the interface knowing the opening screens and the content understanding tool descriptions learning to move around your environment.
It will show you how to use the mouse to operate within the 3-D area as well as options such as moving hot points and things like that.
It will explain how the views work all the different types of views you've got from top use right through to your back your Southwest view your northeast views right views and of course front views.
It will explain what we mean by shading and model modes this is where you can actually set it up to see your models again and how they look like.
Working on them anything from a wire frame to shade right up to full textures and lines.
It will show you different types of viewpoints from perspective to optical just to be able to see what angles you can set up while working in your 3-D environment.
Another great feature is the undo and redo buttons in 3-D.
The next section will be more focused on construction
Floor construction walls and openings.
How to remove walls or only parts of walls.
How to build walls as well as edit them.

We'll explain about how you would set up your measurements for your walls from left to right or right to left and centre line.
The following section will be on how to adjust the floor limits and hight and how to do it.
The next section will teach you how to put in doors and windows how to make all the adjustments you'll need.

If there's a specific position that you need for an item to be on the floor you can type those measurements in to make sure that that item is sitting exactly where you need it this could be a fridge a table an island unit.
To lower walls so that you'll be able to work in closer areas where walls and cabinets could get in your way for the opposite wall.
The next section will be how to apply materials to walls floors and openings inserting furniture sets using finished accessories.
For instance, on walls faces.
We'll explain the menu on applying materials.
The next section will be how do you copy materials.
Adding modules in other words your cabinets.
Will be show how you can go ahead and start adding your cabinets into your design area.
In this area we'll also show you precision layout as well so you know that the cabinets are in the right position that they need.
Plus explain the snap to wall rules the rules are the measurements that you've placed on the walls.
For instance, a corner cabinet how, you can adjust each side to be set to a particular length.

Move cabinets for instance you now want to move a 4-drawer cupboard to where a 2-door cabin is on the same wall we will show you how easy it is to move them around.
Next section is how you open doors and drawers will show you how that can be done either on one cabinet or all cabinets you can also stagger your drawers to show the customer exactly what it's going look like.
Explain to you how you can set up styles for your models so if you have a particular style like a classic style or modern style and every time you use that style your units, edging and maybe your worktops plus handles will always be the same you can set up a style and just bring that in on that particular model when you need it.
Another very important thing is handles positioning of handle, promob has got a fantastic system.
Placing your handles where you need them without you having to sit and do measurements it's already pre-set to the correct positions for the holes and drilling.
Another feature we have is called quick find this is an area where you can type in or what you're looking for and it brings up a menu like a search bar where you can find items that you might need to use.
We have a function called quick replace so maybe you have a 2_door cupboard and you needed to be a 4_drawer unit very simple you click on the cupboard that you want to change you find the folder click quick replace and it automatically changes that cupboard to the exact size and space that you have in your design.
You have a calculator stroke the length tool a little bit like a ruler you'll click on an area it'll highlight with a hot point you pull it across to the following hot point and it'll give you the reading of what you might need but please remember when you put a cabinet into promob it always tells you left and right what your distances are
Another important area is preferences this is where you set up what you need to use so by doing this you can set up your environment you can bring in your logo set up your measurements and this is all done as a once off in the preferences.

This course is 4 hours split into two. Each course will 2 hours each cost for the full couse is R700.00
Please click on the other courses as they pricing will change on how long each of them are.
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