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In this course we're going to go through a few different options which is model listings.
Then blown which is actually a mounted list of all the items ready for costing and we'll run through extra items as well.

So, to start a model list a model list is how we going to show you where you can pull down the information and see exactly what is in your model whatever you've designed so it'll be a little bit like the layers it's going to show you information such as floor walls groups it can show you any shapes or anything that you've created and ceilings and things like that.
Some of the properties in the model list are expanded and collapsed you can update filters you can remove things you can make things visible or again you can hide them and this will come up in the model list.


Filters so for instance don't want to see any extras then hide them.

Want to see bedroom but not d├ęcor and kitchens you can tick on those items and it will only show the relevant information.
Go up to your budget section go under the 2nd tab to listings and mounted and it'll give you some information there as well.

Extra items, how to add extra items you could make this for almost anything you could use it for how many screws of costing or you could use it for labour costs for installation costs as well as shipping costs you can add all that in to the extra items when we go to budgets we can actually put costings to that and add it to your quotations.
This course is one and half hours for R300.00

Please click on the other courses as pricing will change on how long each of them are.

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