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This course is going to show you how to use the rendering and presentation software with inside Promob.
So the 1st part we're going to start on how you actually do your view inside Promob ready to move around in your 3D secene.
On the view section how actually set up the eye your height and where you're actually going to be pointing to be able to see see your room or your 3-D model.
Rendering tips to get the best quality for your renders.
This will cover 3 main areas how to use the environment the lighting, ceilings and to configure your render with using artificial lights.

The 2nd part will be to do a test using a small section to test the quality of what your render will look like within real scene to start off using the start equality and eventually moving up to the presentation quality.

The beauty with real scene 2.0 it has Built-in lighting to make it much faster and easier to use.
Standard rendering what is standard rendering it's going to be where we will set up the initial focus for our end scene.

What is a render actually from the standard 3-D environment where you've done your design and take you through to a final render.

The beauty with the real scene 2 is it actually takes away some of the calculations for you it'll generate the image so this makes it much faster and a lot easier to use especially with complex projects, texture, quality, illuminations, reflections final image size and even down to your render settings.
In real scene version 2 most of the light effects are actually already done for you.

In this course we'll cover all the menus all the different options and how to do things manually as well.
The time scales it takes to render from your standard render right through to a professional render.
We'll go through how you can edit and change the materials themselves to what sort of finish, so if you want to high gloss finish where you want to maybe a matt finish or possibly your glass you wanted semi transparent or fully transparent, granites wood finishers and so on.
Some of the standard options where you can choose the time of day it is so you could do it as sunrise, midday, late afternoon, afternoon sunset and even nighttime.

Another section is background how you can put a background in so that through your windows you'll get a lovely vision of what it's gonna look like for the client.

Custom setups you can change the color of the sun change the skylight and then also change the direction of sun and even the altitude of where the sun is coming in from.

Another feature is you can set a watermark so you can put your logo into one of the corners or 1 of the positions on the actual render so that nobody can take that render and use it for themselves this way you guarantee that your render your name is linked to the work that you've done.

Take you through in real scene the 360 render.


How to position your camera and how to render in 360 version and how to upload and send it to your client.

Once you've done your render there's several options available to you.
If you doing a finished render you can save that as JPEG into a folder on your desktop or on your computer.
There's a range of editing tools so once your render is linked to your design you can go into those editing tools and adjust your render.
For instance the 1st one that you can do is your color balance.
Or your design can be setup as grayscale.

Change the blur on the render as well.
Want to set it up as an ink sketch render you can.
Or even a pencil sketch.
There's a section you can make it an oil painting.
If you really want to get crazy you can even make it frosted glass.

The beauty of adding your renders to your design is you can create a list of various renders from different views that are attached to that design you can call them up by pressing the bottom in your toolbar and the renders and rename them.

Pulling up any of the renders that you have done at any time within your design.

This course is two hours for R550.00

Please click on the other courses as pricing will change on how long each of them are.
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