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Promob Cut Pro


In this course we're going to run through the procedures and how Cut Pro works and what you can actually get out of Cut Pro for your board company or to your own factory.
First we'll show you how to export your 3-D design from Promob Plus Professional SA into Cut Pro as a full job.
We'll explain how it brings in your panels your colors and your sizes.
Will explain how the production plan works.
Project information such as obviously client's name, name with the project and also the planning status and delivery forecast.
We will run through the project on how it imports every cabinet and every panel we'll explain the project how those are broken up.
We'll even run through the colour changes so if you make a change to something it'll mark it with a certain color same as if your panel is too long and will not fit on the board or if you've actually removed an item with inside Cut Pro.
You can also edit sizes of cabinets panels or even your edging with inside Cut Pro.
Another exciting point that you can do as well if you need to change a color or material with inside Cut Pro that is also possible without re-importing the whole job.
Edging is another big part you can change the thickness of your edging and add edging so you can show it on the panel where  the edging is on each and every panel.
Within side Cut Pro we also have the vain which is the grain which direction the grain on the material is running so you can see before you even go through to your cutting plan.
You'll be able to add new items like boards, edging or even units and tops.
Once going to the cutting plan we'll explain what the warnings mean and how it goes to production in other words it'll lay out each board depending on the color and the thickness of the board and break it up into categories across the top and will mark each and every piece on the board for you.
Optimizing will show you the thickness you have set for your saw blade the maximum size of the cut and we can show you how to set that all up ready for when you go to your machines.
Again we'll run through each panel we'll explain what every item on the panel is describing write down from the colour the 1st cut mark the sizes and description of each item.
Cutting list you can run a cutting list directly in your board optimizing so you can skip between the 2 in the same section so by a click of a button it'll give you a list by kicking the button again it'll give you the cut preview of your board optimizing.
Purchase list run through will describe how many boards you need it will show you what your edging is what the board names are and it'll even bring in your hardware.
The panel section or the entries inside Cut Pro the panels will automatically come in so your board colours your sizes and the grain direction will automatically be pulled in from Promob Plus Professional SA if however there is a material that we do not have and you need to put it into your board section you can enter an item or a panel or board directly into Cut Pro if your Cut Pro you can give it a description supplers name reference number the height thickness grain direction with all that information you can then pick that for any of your panels with inside your project.

This also applies to edging if your edging hasn't come through or you haven't got a particular edge you can actually add an edge into Cut Pro once those edges have been added into the library you can pick those edges from within side Cut Pro so it will show on the board optimizing.
Printing this is another whole section you can choose various types of things to print out from from your cutting list you board optimizing or both at the same time or one or the others you can pick if you're going to print out in colour for your edging so everything else would be black-and-white but your edging would be marked up in different colors so in other words if you have a 1mm edge it'll be 1 colour if a 2mm edge there'll be another colour.
You can print out purchase lists you can also print out labeling in the labeling section you can actually design your own label with the correct information that you need for your particular label for your jobs in other words every thing than needs to be cut and have a label.
Under the planning stage you can actually select is the job and planning ready to cut, completed or even if the job is being canceled.
We'll also run through the settings and the set up.
An advantage you have with Cut Pro you can actually bring in multiple jobs so in other words if you're doing something like a townhouse complex and you have 4 or 5 kitchens to be done you can actually import those 3 or 4 jobs together and batch them together to make sure that your board optimizing at its maximum.

This course is two and a half hours for R600.00

Please click on the other courses as pricing will change on how long each of them are.
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