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Stairs Builder


In this course we will cover the stair case builder with the stair case building, 3-D texts and what the call lower plastic so that could be your bulkheads or doing specialized ceilings and also possibly doing skirting.

Part one will go into the building a stair case.
Inside Promob the stair case builder, you will have 2 different types of stair cases you can build one is obviously a normal straight up stair case you can have a landing and in the 2nd stair case is a spiral stair case.


We will show you how to insert the stair case into your 3-D model.
We'll also show you in the environment how to do a spiral stair cases.
We will be running through the building process the steps or the footers your side beams railings.
You'll be able to set up all your parameters for your stay case including the handrails

There'll be a section where you can build the polls especially on the spiral where you may be need the central poll going up the middle to hold the stair case.
Included will be the cross bars.
Inside the builder you can even pick the materials for things like your steps the beam the pole the cross bars and even the handrails.

Inside the builder you can see your design before finalizing it into your 3-D area
3-D text
Inside from Promob there is a builder for 3-D texts

If for instance you're doing a store front or you just want to put some wording on a wall you can, actually create that in 3-D and add it to the wall.
Moving on to the plaster or the ceiling or as we may be we'd use it as a bulkhead we'll explain how you can create bulkheads with gaps around the edge for lighting or just for for effect

We will show you how you can set offsets from the edge of your wall to make it a accurate all the way round.
And finally we'll show you how to build a ceiling automatically to fill the space ready for you to go and do your rendering

This course is one and a half hours for R350.00

Please click on the other courses as pricing will change on how long each of them are.
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