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Video Cards


Video Cards Requirements

Why is this issue important?
Promob is an application that uses advanced graphics capabilities. Unlike office applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint, Promob uses 3D features similar to those used by games.

As in games, image quality and performance of Promob may vary according to the combination of:
- Video Cards
- Driver for this Card
- Operating System

What is a video card?
The video card (also known as video adapter) is the component responsible for sending the images produced for the computer monitor.
Some cards have specialized resources to produce better results in quality and performance. The use of a more powerful card will usually cause your computer to better perform.
Some plates, on the other hand, end up doing just the minimum. These cards are not designed to "run" 3D applications such as Promob, and should be avoided.

A bit more ...
Card types available on the market:
- On-board Card: These cards share the processing with the CPU and memory locations. NOT RECOMMENDED.
- Plate Off-board: these boards are functionally independent, i.e., have no interference from other tasks running on the computer, information processing exclusively video. As a result, images are processed and displayed with much more speed and less risk of problems. WE RECOMMEND.

What is a driver for the video card?
The software drivers are responsible for performing communication between Promob and video card and are essential to the functioning of the system.
The card manufacturers provide free updates to their drivers to obtain the best possible result for each card. Some video drivers created by manufacturers improperly can cause the video card not to produce the expected results, causing damage to the programs that use graphics, although in general, this situation is usually corrected with new releases (patches) drivers.
IMPORTANT: Due to constantly changing technologies of computers, it is ESSENTIAL that your video driver is always updated with the latest version available by the manufacturer. Being with the video card driver updated is extremely important so you can get the best possible outcome of the board. Thus, a driver updated video card ensures better graphics performance Promob.

The operating system ...
The operating system is responsible for ensuring that all hardware is installed and configured properly. The operating system is the one who allows the Promob "converse" with the video card. For this, he uses the Driver.

Current Scenario
Whenever a new version of the OS is released, manufacturers develop adapters that allow drivers immediately releases the most common use of the computer (with software such as Word and Excel, for example), only to then seek to reconcile more advanced features (viewing 3D required for Games and Promob, for example).
Currently the leading manufacturers of video cards have drivers for Windows Vista/Seven/8 developed that allow the same quality and performance that were already obtained in Windows XP. However, we always recommend making sure your computer technician with confidence that your video card owns and implements the necessary specifications.
Each manufacturer usually provides its drivers on your own website. If you are unsure of the procedure download / install the driver from the manufacturer of your card, contact your computer technician.

General Guidance
The data reported by Promob this session, have only intended to serve as an aid in choosing the right equipment, for better performance of your Promob.
Contact your service provider or equipment to compare and choose equipment that best fit our operating requirements.
See also: Internet and System Requirements.


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